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Biospheric Index

Your guide to a natural breathing environment

Connecting the air you breathe with the benefits of nature

Monitoring the air quality is so much more than measuring carbon dioxide or fine particles. Experience the true benefits of air with The Biospheric Index.

The air of your building is treated to have health and wellness properties

The Biospheric index communicates the health-conscious indoor environment.

In this environment, you are aware of your indoor environment and the impact it makes. Biospheric Index is your customized dashboard to learn & track how good the quality of your indoor environment is,

We compare your indoor environment to the black forest region. A landmark for air quality!

1) Learn more about how polluted the outdoor air currently is or how polluted it is forecast to become.

2) The TakeAir air treatment is catching viral pathogens in your ventilation channels and introducing beneficial forest organisms for a balanced climate.

3) Learn more about the building you are visiting!

4) The overall score of your air quality is based on Technology, People, Biology and Climate. Scroll down to find detailed information!

5) In the dynamic carousel, you will see the message from the building you are visiting, your indoor biosphere score compared with the air quality of the heart of a forest, and biodiversity score & total air quality score.

6) If you are already reading this, you know how the QR code works!

The score of the Biospheric Index tells you just how healthy your indoor biosphere is today.

This score is calculated based on four key stewards that drive health in your building:


The central ventilation system is the lungs of your building. It is the main route to deliver biospheric air to you.

To improve the lungs, we do regular check-ups and diagnostics, guaranteeing the highest performance and best conditions of your HVAC system.

By monitoring key parameters for air quality such as CO2 and fine dust particles (PM2.5) we can say with confidence that pollutants won’t take a chance!


Microbial biodiversity is beneficial for your health, that’s why spending time in nature is so highly advised. TakeAir disperses biodiverse air into your HVAC system. By using the central air supply we reach every corner of the building.

The first Biospheric treatment is catching and killing airborne viruses in the air, a fully ecological process that reduces the chance of you getting sick with high performance
The second treatment is introducing good organisms, we make sure that other less beneficial organisms don't have any room to multiply. Resulting in a healthy balanced environment that boosts your immune system.

For more information on our biotech solutions visit our explainer page


The greatest living organism in a building is the people inside! Your happiness in those buildings matters!

Through the Biospheric Index, you can feel secure and happy knowing that the air is ideal.

The Index is your go-to guide in case of a health emergency. All health-related messages and measures are centralized and easily accessible.
Connect and make an impact. The index is your platform for making an informed decision regarding indoor air quality.


The Biospheric Air Treatment is built on principles of sustainability and ecology. The system works with bio-compounds, is reusable, recyclable and reduces energy consumption compared to traditional filtering.

By using nature as an example, our system is energy efficient. Less energy consumption means a lower carbon footprint. A personal contribution that your building makes for our future on this planet.
Our technology is circular in use and does not need heavy industrial solutions or long logistic chains. We build and install local!


YUST combines short and long-term stays, events, food, and culture, located in a creative and emerging neighbourhood. They want to inspire people to connect with like-minded people, discover new food, art or music and enjoy inspiring talks & exhibitions. They have sustainability and ecology high in their list of priorities, going above and beyond to provide the best possible indoor climate.

WATT The Firms

By creating a place where like-minded businesses can meet, WATT The Firms offers added value for companies as well as their staff. WATT The Firms has a wide range of offices that cater to one-man bands and larger firms.

Biospheric Index, in your building.

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