Air is our ultimate basic need, it is time to finally treat it with dignity

We can't bear to dwell in buildings without Wi-Fi. So why do we still endure buildings with inferior air?

As if you only consider entering the building, the Biospheric Index will tell you about the air quality right away.

It is more than a dashboard, score, sensors or QR-code... The Biospheric Index is the tool to assure you that the building you're entering cares about you in the first place and about the air in the second.

The Biospheric Index pins the healthiest buildings for you.

You'll never choose another building again

Once you know the benefits of a healthy indoor climate, you can't ignore lack of it any longer. To take the air we breathe for granted is a niche today. There are only a few buildings where this much attention is paid to indoor air quality.

Get an overview of which buildings please the Biospheric Index by the map below.

The optimal environment to breathe is nature. We should find the healthy conditions of seas and forests in every breath we take. The best biological indoor climate is found by reproducing these natural elements inside. This leads into a place where you can breathe with confidence and want to return to over and over again.

The Biospheric Index assures you that all possible actions are being taken to ensure the best possible air to breathe is available at their location. All necessary measures are taken to tune the technical systems properly according to the building's usage. The performance as the quality got monitored in real-time and strive to make the indoor environment beneficial for your health. You're welcome!

Contribute to a better world

The dashboard is at your disposal 24/7. It grants you the chance to be aware of the air your breathing. An entirely new, but significant health-promoting opportunity to make you feel better. Is it working? Interact with the Biospheric Index by sharing your satisfaction through our emoticons.

There is more cheering news. Your reactions on the dashboard collect Happy Cubics, the base of our loyalty program. Each Happy Cubic can be donated to a good cause and may result in another building with the best indoor air for free, only by your interaction.

Be part of how small things can result in something big, better and healthy.

You leave the building in a better condition than when you arrived

The building took measures to make your visit the healthiest possible and you can check on it at one glance. The calculated BI-score on the dashboard is a bundle of parameters, displaying the health of the indoor climate to you.

STATS FOR NERDS: There is also additional information on the dashboard, such as; the technical performance of the building, the functioning of the Biospheric Ventilation, basic data on air quality, and the happiness of all users.

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