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Connecting Biotech with the indoor environment.

A frontier tool tackling all factors impacting IAQ

Measurement brings knowledge. The Biospheric dashboard provides the building users and property managers vital information about the condition of the indoor air in their location. The first IoT dashboard about IAQ in relation to the microbial landscape it hosts!

The benefits are plenty, from understanding IAQ and taking action on it, to share information on the IAQ in the war on talent, attracting residents and tenants, and lowering the absenteeism

Advancing biotech for the built environment.

Using the latest sensor technology, we collect detailed information about your IAQ. A dynamic sensor system tracks 5 key parameters for IAQ, we call this Indoor Comfort. We connect this dynamic system with our periodic microbial analysis of the indoor environment called the Indoor Microbiome.

The sensors system of the Indoor Comfort monitors the following:

  1. Particular Matter (PM) PM2.5
  2. PM10
  3. CO2 gas
  4. Temperature
  5. Humidity

The periodic analysis of the Indoor Microbiome looks at:

  1. Microbial Diversity
  2. Microbial Quality

Connecting the biological factors to the care of your indoor environment.

We build a quantitative system based on international and European guidelines and norms related to the indoor environment to rate the safety of the air in a given building. We collect real-time data collected by the air quality sensors next to the periodic analysis of the microbial indoor air landscape.

Why we don't measure TVOC.

A large number of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can be detected in indoor air. These substances differ in their chemical characteristics and thus also in their potential effects. The possible effects of individual VOCs upon the health and well-being of human beings thus cover a very broad spectrum.

TakeAir is fully aware of some guidelines on total VOC (TVOC), but mitigation actions are so diverse that one has to monitor the specific VOC in order to identify the root cause. Time-consuming and with little efficacy. In case of doubt, we can always organise a measuring campaign for total VOC or target specific VOC.

What we offer


We provide our customers with a highly adaptable and data-rich system regarding their indoor environment and the microbial landscape it hosts.


By employing this frontier data, we are closing the gap between research and practice in advancing biotech for the built environment.


By connecting biological factors to the care of the indoor environment we can utilize these to generate a higher quality of indoor air.

R&D development: From Biospheric dashboard to Biospheric Index

The expertise, technology and know-how of TakeAir will be leveraged by an external partner to implement and realise the Biospheric Index. The R&D process already initiated by TakeAir will be handed over to an external partner who will be the responsible and independent entity executing and assessing the index and its correlating certificates worldwide.

This index can be used for multiple purposes:

  • Establish a threshold with other buildings in your portfolio,
  • Compare a building with a famous geographical location known for its healthy air
  • Have insights into your dashboards and scores of your IAQ
  • Compare your building score with other buildings around the globe
  • Having proof of the health on an IAQ-level as on a microbial level
  • Be at the frontier of new developments on IEQ

Adding certification to the index will elevate the level playing field for IAQ and IEQ.

The Biospheric dashboard provides the core elements for the Biospheric Index. This index collects data about your IAQ using the latest sensor technology, and then grade it based on our scientific designed algorithm. This process determines your building’s Biospheric index.

With our detailed view of the quality and safety of the indoor air based on the quantitative data collected from the building, we run an algorithm to give a score to the building's indoor air quality in what we call the Biospheric Index.

Developing future-proof technology and integrating new innovations.

Expanding the Index with new building blocks such as sustainable applications, innovative proptech and new biotech applications! The next first block to be added to the index will be focused on energy! Optimizing and measuring energy usage is in direct relation to maintaining good levels of IEQ quality.

With the BI-Index takeair provides the right tools to assess the impact of the microbial landscape, a unique insight for a world that has become vigilant and aware of the indoor health environment.

With TakeAir we are dedicated to going beyond compliance and towards conformity. With the development of our dashboard and the index, we continue to progress towards these new levels of conformity. Keep an eye out on this page to find out more!

Biospheric Dashboard for your building.

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