Breathe the benefits of nature
inside Anguli building!

Dear tenant,

Anguli building will soon have balanced indoor air, scrubbed of airborne particles, and enriched with the benefits of nature. Now you can track & learn more about your indoor environment in real-time.

We bring nature back inside

Alides & TakeAir teamed up to bring you the best indoor climate, based on the principle that the air you find in nature is inherently good for humans.

Anguli building now has its own Biospheric Index: a customized dashboard to learn & track how good the quality of air in your building, compared to the best air quality of the black forest region.

In the following days, you will be able to see your office's Biospheric Index score via your mobile or the screens in the lobby. The score of the Biospheric Index will tell you just how healthy your Indoor Biosphere is today.

This score is calculated based on four key stewards that drive health in your building.



To improve the mechanical lungs of Anguli building, we do regular check-ups and diagnostics on your ventilation system, guaranteeing the highest performance and best conditions of your air supply system.

Tracking these parameters we also determine when it's time for a check-up!



We are bringing forest air inside Alides. We know that forests have a high variety of microbial biodiversity and that this is beneficial to our health!

We use the central air supply of your building to deliver these benefits of nature, we reach every corner and provide a healthy environment that boosts your immune system!



The greatest living organism in Anguli building is you! Your happiness matters. We aim to improve your physical and cognitive health. A journey we start together.

All health-related messages and measures are centralized and easily accessible via Biospheric Index, so you can feel secure and happy knowing that the air is ideal!



Our technology is built on principles of sustainability and ecology. The system works with bio-compounds, is reusable, recyclable and reduces energy consumption compared to traditional filtering.

Enjoy the best indoor air quality, knowing that your building is contributing to a better future.

Growing towards a healthier future.

Your Biospheric Index score is the first reference to the indoor quality of Alides building. From now we continue to make the indoor climate stronger and more resilient! As the score will get higher the more action we take, we communicate every step of our effort.

What about the outdoor air quality?

As the outdoor has a direct impact on our indoor environment we want to know how good it is! With our Local Biodiversity analysis, we show how the outdoor biodiversity (which is good for us) is affected by outdoor pollution. And what the effects are for our own health!

Local Biodiversity Analysis of Anguli building is coming soon!