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Outdoor biodiversity

Your Local Biodiversity matters

Biodiversity (the diversity and numbers of plants, animals but also microorganisms!) is crucial to support our planet and our health by safeguarding food, clean water, pure air and shelter. Balanced biodiversity is a healthy one.

In our urban environments, a sharp decline in biodiversity inevitably led to lower air quality and consequently to adverse effects on human health.

The balance of nature

The analysis shows how outdoor biodiversity (which is good for us) is affected by outdoor pollution. And what the effects are for our own health! With higher pollution and less biodiversity, we can expect more infectious bacteria to be found in our environment.

Good outdoor air = high biodiversity!

Vegetation and microbial biodiversity are the critical elements to maintaining healthy and good air quality, as they absorb pollutants. High biodiversity means fewer infectious bacteria to be found in your environment! See how small the bad bacteria are in the balance?

Lightly polluted environment

With light pollution, we still have some biodiversity. Both biodiversity and pollution have an impact on the environment. Not a good situation, but also not a bad one!

Heavy pollution.

With heavy pollution, the air quality is affecting the microbial communities in a bad way. The highly polluted air means that more infectious bacteria are found in the environment, as there is less biodiversity to counteract it. With heavy pollution outside it is very important to have a healthy, balanced indoor environment to reside in.

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